My New Year resolution

At first, My New Year resolution was to be heartless, Act like everything is ok, Never feel anything, And most of all, Not put myself in a position to be hurt. Keep calm, Hold back, Act like nothing affects me, Off course I could be likened to a stature, But who really cares? It is... Continue Reading →


THE 25th (radical piece)

The roads are fussy, With smoky sky, Groaning engines Sings for joy. Singing hymns floats from mouth The day we preached about is peached, Children slept the night with anxiety What shall this day bring they never bothered, Shall we trace the stars for The baby's shower, Shall we call ourselves wise and trek to... Continue Reading →

Free Barabbas (part 1)

Free Barabbas, Or let him face his sins, After all he brought it on himself. A cheat, a liar, a rebel, Even a cold blooded murderer. His sentence is simple, Open the book of the law, Call in the Roman Guards, Let the whole Town hear, But I bet the town was aware of the... Continue Reading →

The Dark Night

The Dark night has something to say about my walk into her, First she stares, Then scares, Makes me feel alone, When really am in this with someone. I take my first step, I am yet to be consumed, The system makes me want the light, Or sit down and wait till I know about... Continue Reading →

Made for More

Practically shacken because my feet was on the ground, I have written so much that I am beginning to think I know myself, Until I spring out of the corner and yell at myself, Causing that 'Boo!!' Effect. I always saw my own first steps, It kinda never grows old, I feel I am hot,... Continue Reading →

Grief Yard

when her life was taken It took along their remorse  Her sorrow ignited their passion, Her grieve led them to their moments, Our world has gone mad again,it's well displayed, Her only fruit has embarrassed Her womb,  nine month pain and labour laid lifeless as the guilty proves himself blameless Her bloody scene is centered... Continue Reading →

Midnight Memories

Not a day goes by without me visiting the home of your memory, These past days of you gone, Seems like its yesterday, while you've refused to grow old in my heart,. I failed telling you what we meant to each other cuz your timidity was our liability, When we walked the dark path, Your... Continue Reading →


‚Äč He was often silent.  and screaming from the inside.  Although hide his pain in his words,  As he searched for him in his poetry,  Come wit'er come litter  All that's left are no longer right,  as his tears are  happiness,   His smile are smoke of grief,  Speak dearest future, what shall   My aged days look... Continue Reading →


The nights have always been my own problem, First the absence of light, Then its like I lost mine (light). This should be my entry, Because as the day runs out, Looks like I run out too. My strength begins to fade, And it feels Like I am missing someone, She was in the light,... Continue Reading →

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