4 meetings (part 2)

A narrative of him meeting her, only backward. This how nostalgia seem to let me tell this story.  The third time he saw her, There was this connection that pulled her to him, but if he was honest, He had a little attraction to her.  Even though, he had mastered the art of running and... Continue Reading →


Wheeze of regression

Could she be more clever than her mind while it played a swift trick on the thought? Subsiding the wave of her ideas ,cutting deep into her pain, Breaking the compulsion of conviction as it went Further through the end. She became so passionate bout the pain inflicted As she conflicted with her doppelganger in... Continue Reading →

4 meetings (part 1)

A narrative of him meeting her, only backward. This how nostalgia seem to let me tell this story.  The last time he saw her he was filled with so much feeling of nostalgia, After dating her and breaking up months later because of a mundane reason he was still not bold enough to tell her,... Continue Reading →


God should have told me He was sending you down here, Instead of you barging into my life,  He would have given me a 'heads up', So i could get a head start on how to be the perfect person you deserve.  He would have whispered your preferences, How you don't like pounded yam, But... Continue Reading →

Political Construct

I have watched our communication fade, Before, Dear, I watched you shed tears that didn't show, You always wore a smile even though you carried a eruption in you. Deep in you were molten rocks, waiting to solidify, I watched you cast you own stone, Liquid - because it was me that it hit (heat)... Continue Reading →

The One

I know of a prison that people go into but never returns, Then it was inevitable, Everyone feared the gatekeeper, Nothing ever gets past him. It was as if he had  supernatural powers, What ever you do, just forget it, You will never get out. But I also know a twist in this story, To... Continue Reading →

The Vow

His fist was her feast Each night the sun sets, His hands were the shackles She couldn't find the keys to When they cuddle her in pain She couldn't drink from the tears Of her tear to digest her fears, So mirth navigated to her death When she confessed the word i do. Now, she's... Continue Reading →

I’m fine, thanks

I'm fine The phrase to the fierce of my fears  The antidote to words In my world  At sight the stars and moon are my site a quick nap in Eden is the space of my peace. Conjuring a smile that has being injured,  That even these filters can sieve my pains,  A quick counsel... Continue Reading →

Of What profit really is it?

So let's be frank, You entered a relationship that was billions of dollars, As if it were a business contract, You sat down and drafted the contract, Worked out the intricases, Even though most people never reach this level, They only just get consent from the other party involved, And move on to the benefits... Continue Reading →

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