Depression She’s…

She's a repression of freedom a foundation of negligence a condition for stupor bringeth tones of joy over she's a mask of happiness in disguise she's an ugliness to the beauty of minds a mistress of distress as a comforter of stress Lest, She's a conviction death be the solution she's an X with so... Continue Reading →



Words never were lovely to hear Beneath was uncertainty Deadly to the aura of the soul Bleeding to it blunder like An auger stabbed the abyss of a thought Amazed by the words of my peers As it pierces the attention i gave learning Observation stucked in preparation and my words couldn't stand it determination... Continue Reading →

God is with us

"God is with us" he said. Sounding optimistic about the situation. My reply was the obvious, "yes God is". I had to agree it was true, but something about this statement bothered me. It was a beautiful evening and the sun had decided to set, leaving us with a sight of twilight that was breathtaking.Even... Continue Reading →


I love to write - thats the fact. But circumstances most times do not give me the chance to express myself or allow me time to write the great piece I intend to publish, plus for the past few months I have been using a very broken phone (that is what I use to write... Continue Reading →

Yours truly

She's sweet, good looking like an apple as it rides Down the throat of Adam, Her beauty so convincing She's an epitome of pride to other women Her self esteem stems Courage off her shoulder, the words from her lips Leaps hearts into her vine yard She's worth more than à wife material So i... Continue Reading →

The perfect past 1

We walked through the dark aisle Under the glittering stars of the night Wovering over our flatters the letters couldn't spell out We were couple, coupled from fragments of what's left of us Mining our feelings from our absolution while we came around Feeling the lingering touches of our soul as we howl Close to... Continue Reading →

Conocí a una chica

I met a girl Who's smile hails miles away finding comfort in the arteries of my heart A damsel who's words dances with eyes of my mind I could literally feel heaven smiling at me When she smirked from the right view of her cheek She was a queen without a king as I checked... Continue Reading →


The quiet night or rather a turbulent one, Where I relied on the words from her intellect to keep me company, It was a rainy night and storm had just begun, Blowing harmonies as the wind passed my still open window. Your words were my only company that night, just when my imagination will go... Continue Reading →

4 meetings (part 3)

A narrative of him meeting her, only backward. This how nostalgia seem to let me tell this story. The second time he met her, She was already in control, Not bossy, but boss enough to know her way around, He never anticipated what he saw but the quality of her person was not too much... Continue Reading →

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